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Just One Giant Lab is an international community, a non-profit, open-source, collaborative platform, and a bastion to open-science and impact innovation. It’s all that and so much more. Begin learning and solving together!

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Plastic Odyssey aims to help reduce plastic pollution in the ocean and alleviate poverty at the same time by developing low-tech and open-source solutions to turn plastic waste into a resource and to reduce our global plastic footprint.


Cancer is a complex disease, but by leveraging technology, interconnectivity, and Big Data, we can take on the enormous task of supporting research and beating it. Join Epidemium as we explore new paths to cancer research with data, a community, and an open science-oriented approach.


Helpful is an international social impact community dedicated to solving global challenges by aligning technology and engineering talent to produce and bring to market open source solutions across hardware, software, supply chains, and manufacturing.


Powered by a global community of 4000+ volunteers and experts, OpenCovid19 develops open-source and low-cost tools and methodologies that are safe and easy to use in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Antibiogo, is a free, offline, privacy-focused, and open-source Android app that helps clinicians prescribe the right antibiotics by using computer vision and expert decision trees.

Community-Powered Science and Innovation

There is no monopoly on great ideas, so nor should there be one on the tools and resources needed to execute them.

The countless challenges our world faces today are too critical for us to rely solely on traditional research models. All of us can contribute to the solutions; we just need the access to do so.

That's why we made JOGL:

To create an egalitarian space for science and innovation.

To collectively tackle the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

To create a healthier, safer, and fairer world.

To mobilize our communities for change.

Ready to accept the call to action? Join JOGL today to begin contributing and collaborating for change.


For Individuals

Whether experienced or amateur, student or professional, on JOGL, everyone is given equal access to a community of eager changemakers and a world of shared knowledge and skills.

Build connections

Create and join projects

Access resources

Source funding

Find opportunities

Discover recommendations

Being part of this Open Science community has taught me that, to make history, you need a strong vision for the future and to be doggedly persistent in chasing after it."

Hunter Futo


The coolest part of the process so far has been the collaboration with...the rest of the JOGL community. I’m able to work and collaborate with people from all around the world with whom I likely otherwise would not have the opportunity. It’s rewarding and exciting.”

Chris Monaco

Team member

It has been an enlightening experience to form collaborations through JOGL. I realized the other day that my team members have become my friends, and that will last a lifetime because we have gone through this journey together — and we have never met in person.”

Ellen Jorgenson


Thanks to JOGL, was the first volunteer group to enable SARS-CoV-2 variant identification, demonstrating a low-cost solution for the global south.

Kahlil Corazo

Program Manager


Build a Space for your Community

Established, burgeoning, and still nascent communities alike all use JOGL to share, connect, and animate better. The JOGL platform simplifies operations so you can focus on what’s important: growing your community and building your impact initiatives.

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Community Programs on JOGL

JOGL works with partners to encourage collaboration, source open solutions, and mobilize interdisciplinary communities around problems of common interest. For a complete list of available services and to learn more about partnerships with JOGL, click below.

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Press coverage

Biohackers team up online to help develop coronavirus solutions

"The ultimate goal of the JOGL challenge develop an open source (publicly shared) methodology to safely test for the virus using tools as common as possible"

The Rogue Experimenters

Community labs want to make everything from insulin to prostheses. Will traditional scientists accept their efforts?

iGEM meets Just One Giant Lab on the road to a sustainable future

"JOGL and iGEM share core values and a common vision to nurture a safe space for open collaboration, pooled resources, shared information and public documentation, in which to develop science-based projects, responsibly and ethically, for a sustainable future"

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