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Just One Giant Lab

Just One Giant Lab (JOGL) is the first research and innovation laboratory operating as a distributed, open and massive mobilisation platform for volunteer-based, IP-free task solving. JOGL helps sync humanity onto solving our most urgent and important problems using Open Science, Responsible Innovation and Continuous Learning. JOGL partners with academic labs, companies, startups, foundations, NGOs and public services to create massive mobilisation on distributed and participatory research programs for understanding and solving Health, Environmental, Social and Humanitarian issues.



By making the process of contributing to solving important challenges accessible and valorizing for anyone, we want to multiply the number of contributors by 10 (from 5 millions to 50 millions) in 10 years, while making all produced knowledge, tools and methodologies universally open for use and adaptation.


Open knowledge

Help the creation of open knowledge, tools and methodologies to understand and solve our most important and urgent problems.


Sync humanity for long-term impact through collaboration.

Beyond the academic

Go beyond the traditional academic and corporate frameworks to improve research and collaboration.

Provide legitimacy

Provide legitimacy and opportunities to leaders and contributors around the world.


Offer a public window to the world of inventors and doers, their passion, their struggling and their achievement.

Solving together

Give contributors direct access to the doers of the world and make research and innovation more inclusive, accessible and responsible.


Our experience working with communities and distributed projects has given us the understanding of the key role of “Trust” to make collaborations fruitful. In order to establish a trustful relationship between contributors who don’t necessarily know each other, we will introduce roles within JOGL that will state a set of responsibilities for each of them. Succeeding in facing those responsibilities will make you more trustworthy within your community and the global JOGL community. Failing them will however have the opposite effect. Here are the three roles that we will implement at first within JOGL:


A legitimate (group of) person who has for responsibility to bring a project to completion or to a given milestone. A leader is expected to have experience, time, resources to make the project successful. A leader can be for example a researcher, an entrepreneur, a project director within an NGO or public institution.

Contributor (Jogler)

Any person who wants to commit to helping a project on a given need. A contributor’s responsibility is to do what he/she commited on. A contributor is expected to have relevant experience, time and autonomy. A contributor can be for example a professional, a student, an amateur or any person capable of matching the level of difficulty of the need.


An organization who seeks to provide resources and opportunities to impactful projects or who wishes to organize a challenge to birth new initiatives. An enabler’s responsibility is to deliver the resources it promised. An enabler can be a foundation, a research/innovation fund, a big or small company, a non-profit. It can provides tools (software/hardware), skills (pro bono), workspace, free services, visibility and/or funding.


leo blondel

Leo Blondel

Co-founder & Vice President
  • PhD student in Computational Biology, long experience in academia with a master at the Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS) ULM. Currently finishing his PhD at Harvard University on diverse topics around Evo-Devo of Arthropods.
  • Expertise in Data Science and Machine Learning with a focus on sequence data and image analysis.
  • Participates to interdisciplinary projects, recently with a collaboration with Marc Santolini on the extraction and analysis the iGEM competition.
  • Helped the european union parliament on science policy surrounding green energy transition.
  • Open Science and Open Source advocate through participation in multiple projects since childhood. Child of the cypherpunk hacker subculture.
luca haenel

Luca Haenel

Web Developer
  • 5th year student at the webschool Hetic, will graduate in 2020.
  • Responsible of the the website & platform development at JOGL, and take care of the online community development strategy.
  • Conducted 3 internships at Fabernovel Code (2016, Paris), Phoenix the Creative Studio (2017, Montreal), and Mila (2018, Paris)
  • Volunteer Lead Developer for Veggie Fest, one of the largest vegetarian food and wellness festivals in North America.
  • Part of R&D team for the NGO Wild-Touch, with other students of HETIC (2018, 6 months)
yizi huang

Yizi Huang

Interaction Designer
  • Platform Designer for Just One Giant Lab (Paris, 2018)
  • Smart Financial Analysis Intern at Shangtang AI technology (China, 2018)
  • Consultant Assistant at for a year at Accenture (China, 2016-2017)
  • Won the First Prize at the Jewelry Brand Design (2018)
  • National Second Prize at Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (2016)
  • Meritorious Winner of the Global Mathematical Contest in Modeling (2016)
thomas landrain

Thomas Landrain

Co-founder & President
  • Bootstrapped synthetic biology in France as an academic researcher. He co-founded the first French iGEM team in 2007. He co-built the first dedicated research lab to synthetic biology in 2008 where he started his PhD. He published 9 peer-reviewed papers during that time.
  • One of the pioneers behind the DIYbio (Do-it-yourself Biology) and Open Science movements and communities. He founded in 2011 La Paillasse in Paris, the first French open lab who became one of the largest ones in the world. Helped hundreds of projects, impacted thousands of people worldwide.
  • Decided to leave academia to focus entirely on building and experimenting with alternatives to a rusty academic system for the production of open knowledge and innovations, through La Paillasse first and now with JOGL.
  • Co-Founded in 2015 the synthetic biology company PILI who is bringing the first sustainable alternative to petrochemistry for making dyes at industrial scale. PILI is now a 15 employees-strong R&D company and has raised more than $4M.
  • He is a member of the French National Digital Council where he pilots the working group on ecological transition.
  • Speaks worldwide on open research, DIYbio, collective intelligence and future of communities, science and innovation at gathering such as TEDx, Lift, OuiShareFest, MIT CommunityBio, CollaborAmerica Brazil, FoundersForum UK, MakerFaire Shenzhen and AfricaOSH.
Anna Listova

Anna Listova

  • Won 2nd prize in national biology competition "Lomonosov" (2012)
  • Published an article about executive functions in schizophrenia in the 'European Psychiatry' (2017)
  • Worked for 3 years as a teacher and a tutor at London Gates Education Group (2015-2018)
  • Conducted a survet of Cognitive Impairments among patients with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) (2017-208)
  • Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Departement of Clinical Psychology (2012-2018)
  • Became an EdTech Master 1 student (2018)
gaell mainguy

Gaëll Mainguy

Board Member
  • Holds a doctorate in neurobiology and a degree from the Ecole Normale Supérieure.
  • First worked in the world of research at INSERM and Veolia.
  • Then coordinated several projects for NGOs and public and private organizations in neuroscience, collective intelligence, sustainable development and energy.
  • In 2008, he founded S.A.P.I.E.E.N.S., an open access, multidisciplinary journal, which aims to encourage research in sustainable development and advance legislation in this area.
  • Convinced that societal transformations and ecological awareness require a paradigm shift in education, he joined the Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires (CRI) in Paris in 2012, where he is now Director of Development and International Relations.
marc santolini

Marc Santolini

Co-founder & Vice President
  • Team leader in network science at CRI Paris, visiting researcher at the Network Science Institute of Northeastern University and at Harvard Medical School (Boston)
  • 10+ years of experience in theoretical physics and network science in prestigious universities (ENS Paris, Princeton, Northeastern, Harvard), with applications to biological, medical, and social contexts
  • Study the complex network effects underlying collaboration performance, in particular in Open Science contexts.
  • Received in 2018 the Sage Bionetworks “Young Investigators Award” for his work on “Algorithms and the role of the individual”
marine vouard

Marine Vouard

Administrative Head
  • Studied Political sciences at the University of Montpellier (undergraduate) and University of Lille for a master in Public Communication and Participatory democracy.
  • Project manager for 2 years training local authority agents on an e-learning platform, along with some experience in the improvement of the web platform through user experience reports and support.
  • Administrative Head at JOGL, coordinating and assisting the team in the diverse missions.
  • Coordinator for the development of the current JOGL platform.


kojak abdullazoda

Kojak Abdullazoda

Web Developer
bodo hoenen

Bodo Hoenen

clement le bars

Clément Le Bars

Web Developer
clement le bars

Marie-Sarah Adenis



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